Tuning Services for all 04-11 RX8's



We are offering one of the best modifications you can do to your RX8 to get it more responsive, running cooler and running longer.
Service is offered at our shop.


Price is $235-$285 for the service and below you can read about some of the options. If you have questions feel free to message us on our Facebook page or send us an email at FattiMotorWorks@gmail.com

Break Down of what these options offer and what they do for your car.


-Fan Control is set to 87c and 93c - Fans will turn on sooner to help keep the engine temperatures down. Different temperatures can be picked or it can be left to the OEM settings.

-OMP/Oil Metering Pump - Default is going to be a 7% increase across the board. Due to emission reasons Mazda was not able to put as much oil into the engine as they would have liked.. This will greatly help increase the life of your engine. The amount of oil can be increased higher but 7% and Pre mixing is the nice sweet spot for daily use.

-Throttle - We will adjust the map for the pedal so it feels and acts like an actual pedal. The adjustment will remove the dullness of the OEM Map they apply to the throttle.

-Idle - The idle can be adjusted if needed and will start from the OEM 800rpm and raised to the desired amount you would like. We do recommend raising it to 950rpm's though, the car runs so much smoother.

-Warm Up RPM - OEM is 5500rpm, we reduce that down to 3500rpm's. This helps keep the revs down when you first start up your car and is another great feature that will help keep your motor alive longer.

-Warm Up Limit - The OEM temperature is 0-20c. We increase that to 57c. This is another feature that helps let the engine warm up properly to help keep your motor going for longer.

-Ignition Dwell - Default is the OEM map. If you have upgraded to the GM D585 coils, we can adjust the map to better suit the coil upgrade. The OEM map will work fine with the D585 coils as well. The Stage 1 tune increases the dwell of the OEM Mazda map, Stage 2 Tunes we will adjust the entire map and increase the dwell for the upgraded coils.

-SSV will be shunt/shut until 3300rpm's

-VFAD - This is the actuator for the tube that goes behind the bumper and before the OEM Air Box. Some aftermarket intake setups delete this. If requested, we set it so it is not reachable. You will need to properly uninstall it and cap all associated vacuum lines for it.

-Speed Limiter - By request only, it can be raised to a certain speed of your choice, removed or even lowered if you do not want your kid out speeding haha.


Stage 2 comes with all the features from the stage 1 but with a few a few extra services.

- Adjustments are made to the A/F Table to remove the dead spots in the RPM range. The OEM A/F table is very very rich so we lean it out just a little bit to clean up some spots and give the car a a little extra power.

- Dwell Map fully redone/remapped, This is for those of you that have upgraded to the D585 Coil packs. The entire map is redone to better suite the coil packs resulting in a much stronger ignition system.


-MAF Scaling (In Person Tunes Only)

Also if you purchase a Stage 2 tune we will be doing some data logging to ensure your vehicle is running safely and without any issues.


Feel free to contact us with any tuning questions you guys have 
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